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Online Music School

DM Live Core – The online smart music classes:
The affordable online live interactive music classes performed through the modern E-learning technology in fact offers convenience and saves a lot of time and costs incurred on commuting to the nearest music school / music teacher providing freedom to schedule the free time for learning music theory and practicing the recorded music lessons, prior to the live interactive session.
The online music classes are cheaper, low budget music training programs specially designed and developed for everyone preferring private music classes at discounted costs.The online music classes for learning vocal music online and for learning instrumental music online include recorded music lessons of 40 minutes duration each, 2 music lessons are learnt in a week and eight recorded music lessons in a month. In addition to these recorded music lessons the 2 sessions / week (of 30 minutes each) of live interactive one-to-one online classes with the music teacher (Music Guru) are organized / scheduled for the practice of music with Guru, required perfection through demonstration / explanation / movements, live guidance for improvements and question – answer sessions on music theory / concepts of music practice.
Online music classes are usually preferred by individuals for learning vocal and instrumental music but Divya Music can also organize and offer special online classes for teaching music to a small group of individuals or for teaching music to a community as community music learning classes.

Divya Music Center

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Online Dance School

Online Reality Shows & Competition Preparation Dance Classes :Divya Music conducts special music classes and dance classes for kids / children / young adults between the ages of 4 – 28 years participating in the Indian television reality shows based on music – vocal and instrumental, singing and dance. The participants of the Indian Television reality shows like Indian Idol, Boogie Woogie, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Little Champs, Dance India Dance, Voice of India, Music ka maha Muquabala, India’s got talent, Sur Shetra, Indian voice, Nach Baliye, Super singer, Just dance, Jodi No. 1, Rangam, Dance battle, Big dancer, Sur Sangram, Dance Sangram and Chak Dhoom Dhoom etc. receive special training on how to sing in reality shows and how to dance on TV reality show stage.The expert presentation tips for these music and dance competitions are provided, training on solo dancing and group dancing, solo singing and group singing and instrumental music performance is offered. Special training with music experts in audio / video studio to help assessment of singing and dancing skills by music industry judges and to prepare for the auditions of music and dance reality programs accordingly is also provided.

Special vocal and instrumental music training lessons and dance learning classes are arranged for school / college / university students who wish to compete in music stage competitions and dance stage competitions. Expert tips on how to perform in front of audience and show judges, dressing, preparations, self introduction with an impressive performance and other valuable tips are provided during these teaching sessions with theory and practice classes. You are welcome to contact Divya music for inquiry on these special practicing workshops and classes.
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Divya Music Center

B – 360, 1st Floor, Vasant Kunj Enclave

New Delhi – 110 070, India

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Phone Number: +91 11 65652377

Mobile Number: +91 9013121421

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Divya Music Center

For the faithful, music can transform the stressful thought process, restless mind and distressed heart in to a state of a joyous, peaceful and creative being, in tune with the eternally blissful ‘ONENESS’ – the supreme ever existing consciousness, the virtue of living in present. Music is where one crosses the meaningless boundations of the regular words and creatively devote the true emotions and the pure character to the other world, touching the true self during the moments of creativity. The divine experience is impossible to be expressed in the words, it is to be experienced. We at Divya music invite the blessed creativity in you, the creativity present in every human to discover the “Notes of Divinity”, to Learn, practice & Explore.
God has gifted it to all of us and practice is the key to open the unknown dimensions of self realization, depending on the individual faith and devotion.
Divya music is an organization offering education in music and dance – conducting music and dance lessons, workshops, organizing creative sessions, rehearsal, events and related services for excellence in the performing arts.

Divya Music: Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to benefit the entire community in general and to provide an easy access to music for everyone interested and prepared to explore. We are specially dedicated to nurturing the young talents between the age group of 6 to 20 years. We believe that music should be available to everyone, and we’re working hard to make it a reality with your valuable support.

Peer-e-Munga educational and charitable society sponsors the free music classes for the children at Divya music center and awards music and dance scholarships to the talented and dedicated children. Peer-e-munga awards for excellence in music and performing arts are presented on the occasion of the auspicious day of ‘Saraswati Jayanti’ – or ‘Vasant panchami’ each year

Divya Music Center

B – 360, 1st Floor, Vasant Kunj Enclave

New Delhi – 110 070, India

Phone Number:- +91 11 65652377

Mobile No:-  +91 9013121421

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