Divya Music
B-360, Vasant Kunj Enclave, New Delhi - 110070,India

Bio: Divya Music is a professionally managed organization engaged in the education and training of vocal and instrumental music, dance and other performing arts to the freshers and the aspiring young talents. Divya Music is being headed and managed by a group of highly experienced and talented senior music teachers (Gurus), well known artists – music and dance performers and the education management professionals. Vocal and instrumental education team at Divya Music has more than 12 years of individual experience in composing, performing and training of light and classical Vocal / instrumental music. Divya Music offers high quality education in global music - Indian (Hindustani), middle-east, western, sufi, eastern, folk and regional. At Divya Music our commitment is to deliver high quality education always, our belief in values and dedication towards achieving the best in music is reflected in our work and the student’s performance. We believe in achievements through team work and with the effective fusion of the best in the traditional and the modern with the sophisticated advanced music technology.

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