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BharataNatyam Dance : Originated from Tamil Nadu state in Southern India, it has style that boasts strength & beauty. This style has balanced and dynamic positions too. In dance, Bharat Natyam is like a diamond and has many steps to be in rhythm and expressive positions. It’s the combination of melody & rhythm, poetry & drama, expression & sculpture, color & traditions. These all aspects make it world’s most popular Indian dance.

Thus Brahma created the Fifth (Panchama) Veda, or NatyaVeda, a quintessence of the main four Vedas, by combining Pathya (words) of Rig-Veda, Abhinaya (communicative elements of the body movements, cf. mime) of Yajurveda, geetham (music and chant) of Samaveda, and rasam (vital sentiment and emotional element) of Atharvaveda. Then Brahma handed NatyaVeda to rishi Bharata to write it down and spread it in the material world. Bharata-guided the demigods (Gandharavas and Apsaras) in performing natya, nrtta and nrtya before Shiva. Natya Shastra came to be the fundamental authority on the technique of classical Indian dances, especially Bharatanatyam and Odissi, as well as Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam. Some prefer to believe the term “Bharatnatyam” owes its name to rishi Bharata.

Bharatanatyam was created not merely for pleasure, but to embody the cosmic relationships and expressions (bhava) for all the worlds. So this performing art follows the worlds’ movements in all activities and states: work and leisure, calm and laughter, fight and wars. It will confer righteousness onto the righteous, a moral restraint for the unruly, and discipline for those who are guided by rule. It will teach wisdom both to the ignorant and the learned. It will provide entertainment for kings, and it will console the miserable ones. Natya will express all the moods and passions of the soul. It will incorporate all kinds of the deeds: the noble, the mediocre and the mean.

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